The wisdom of foresight

Illness can’t often be timed to fit around your studies. Your cold doesn’t care if you’ve got an exam tomorrow. Your stomach bug is oblivious to that looming assignment. Your headache doesn’t give a damn about that three-hour lecture this afternoon.

Sometimes, though, it can. Take wisdom teeth, for example – a topic close to my heart as I write this with a face twice the size it should be, so swollen I can only feed by way of a party straw. I have known for some time that my wisdom teeth needed to be cut out and, resisting the temptation to see it as a good excuse for some sick leave, I scheduled my surgery for the start of the holidays.

If you haven’t already had your wisdoms checked out, go and do it. If you’re unlucky enough to need them taken out (like about a third of us do in our early twenties), book in for your next uni break. It sucks to lose your holidays, but it sucks even more to lose your GPA due to a stroke of bad dental luck.


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