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I wrote BA: An Insider’s Guide because I wanted to give students like you the opportunity to access useful tips and tricks at the beginning of their BAs, not right at the end, where most people learn them. At the same time, though, I realise that reading a book about how to do well at uni isn’t necessarily enough to guarantee your success there. It’s going to take a lot of hard work from you, but it’s also going to take a lot of ongoing support from others.

My support doesn’t end when you finish reading the book. If you want it, you can access it any time you like, at any stage of your degree (or even after it’s over), through this website. You can read further, ask questions, or use this site as a forum for discussions. I hope that my book will set you on your way to a great uni career, but I know that it won’t answer all of your questions. That’s why I’ve made this website; please feel free to browse and comment, share and post – this is your space.


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