The thing I miss most about my student job is the hours. Some days you might have eight hours of lectures, requiring you to be on campus for the whole day; other days, though, you might have none, allowing you to go to a paid job, do some volunteer work or study at home instead.

The thing I miss least about my student job is the pressure. No matter how many lectures I had on, or how well I filled in my eight hours of study a day, there was always something else that could be done. That essay could be made clearer. I could do next week’s readings. I could email that lecturer to get their feedback on my last assignment.

Buried under all these coulds is a must. You must schedule in time for a break each week. If you don’t, you’ll soon go crazy and start resenting the very place that you’re paying lots of money to enjoy. So, this Easter, make sure that you schedule in at least a full day’s worth of nothing. No work, no jobs, no set readings. Read something with absolutely no critical acclaim. Chill.


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