The first assignment

If it hasn’t already, the first assignment of your BA should be rolling back to you about now. Along with it will be your first round of feedback. The next part of your job as a student is learning how to take it.

Taking feedback isn’t just about reading it. It’s about really thinking about it – about celebrating the parts of your assignment that were fun, enlightening and convincing for someone else, and about reassessing the parts that weren’t.

Most students won’t get an A for their first assignment. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Your first assignments aren’t about getting As- they’re about aiming to work out what it takes to get As. They are the trial-runs, the practices, the dress rehearsals, for the dozens of assignments that are yet to come.

Although they’ll probably seem like a big deal, the grades that you’ve received so far aren’t important – chances are, they represent only a small percentage of your final marks. What is important is that you really take the time to seek and listen to your marker’s feedback. Book a time with them to talk about what you could do better next time. You’ve put the work in, now make sure you get the payment you’re entitled to.


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