Be a someone

When it comes to finding a job, or getting into a course, or enjoying your academic life, who you know is almost as important as what you know. It’s a competitive world full of smart people; no matter how awesome you are, you only take up as much space in list of applicants or stack of assignments as anyone else. Feeling like you’re a someone in the giant ocean of uni is integral to your full enjoyment of your BA.

It’s not about blatant self-promotion, or pestering, or stalker-like behaviour. It’s just about taking opportunities to make yourself known to the various shirt-wearing, spectacle-pushing, uber-nerds that are your lecturers. The goal is for them to be able to pick up your assignment and say ‘ah, (insert name here). I remember them being interested in this topic. I’m looking forward to reading this one.’ The other goal is for you to feel, when you’re writing your assignments, that you’re writing for a real person.

So, next week, answer a question in class. Book a time to meet with your lecturer during their office hours. Flick them an email for advice on your current assignment. Making the first move can be the toughest part – once you’ve crossed that nerdy¬†threshold, you’ll feel more comfortable in piping up again next week, and then the one after that.


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