If you’re going to do well at uni, you have to be able to self-reflect. Before you head back to campus next week, take a bit of time to reflect back on how things have gone so far, and to set some goals for the next stint of lectures and assignments. Here are some questions that might help:

1) What were your three biggest successes at uni last term?
2) What aspect of your uni life (lectures, assignments, clubs, social life, etc) are you most enjoying at this point in the year?
3) How do your actual results compare with the results you thought you would get before you started uni? Why do you think this is?
4) Were you too slack most of last term, or too stressed? What do you think you need to do to manage your time better next term?
5) What three main points of feedback from your assignments are you going to work at this term?
6) What area/s of your uni life (lectures, assignments, clubs, social life, etc) would you like to work on developing this term? What steps are you going to take to do so?
7)  What three concrete, measurable goals are you going to set for this term (e.g. speaking up in class once a week, getting at least a B+ in every essay)?


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