What kind of student are you going to be?

Party animal.
Political activist.
Social butterfly.
Just there to get the qualification.
There for a good time.
Into as many clubs as possible.
Leader of a club.
Leader of the students’ association.

While people love to stereotype “the uni student”, there are – of course – many kinds. By now, you’ll have had a chance to witness some of them in action (admittedly, O-Week probably showcased some of them better than others) and you should have had a taster of the multitude of academic, cultural and social outlets available. By now, you should be getting a feel for which outlets are most attractive to you.

The unique joy of this time of the year is that you can choose. At uni, you can be whatever kind of student you want. It doesn’t matter who you were at school, or who your parents think you are, or who you are when you’re around your friends. At the end of the uni day, it’s you alone who decides whether to get up for that early lecture, it’s you alone who hits ‘send’ on your assignment, and it’s you alone who feels the joy or the burn of the results. 

The greatest gift of uni is the freedom to be whoever you want. Be who you want to be. And live your own student life accordingly.


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