End of an era

And, just like that, it’s done. Your first year as a BA student is over. You are no longer a newbie, you are a Second Year.

Look back to all of those essays and exams and lectures that you’ve worked on and stressed over and succeeded in. Look back to where you were at the start of the year – what you knew, what you didn’t know, what you feared. Look at where you’re at now, and how you’re really starting to get the hang of things.

Now’s the time to make sure that all the essentials for next year are sorted – courses, Studylink, somewhere to live. But it’s not the time to dwell on the future. Nope, as soon as your final exam is over and the basics for next year are in check, it’s time to kick back. Sit in the sun, have a drink, and think about something very novel for a while: nothing.


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