Recipe: student muesli

Here’s a recipe for the breakfast dish that got me through my BA. I haven’t included quantities or times because it depends on how much you want, how much you’ve got, and how you like it. Being a student is all about being creative.

1) Pour oats (rolled, wholegrain, whatever’s cheap) into a baking dish.
2) Melt honey, oil and a dash of vanilla together and mix in with the oats, so that it’s all lightly coated. If you’ve got any kind of nuts or seeds, you can stir those in too. Same goes for dried coconut, wheatgerm and the like.
3) Bake oat mixture at around 180 degrees until golden brown.
4) Take mixture out of oven and, if you want, stir in any kind of dried fruit (sultanas, chopped dates, apricots – again, whatever you’ve got).
5) Leave to cool then store in an airtight container. Eat on its own or with any combination of milk, yoghurt and fruit for a satisfying, healthy and versatile meal.


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