Getting what you’ve paid for

Remember the money. As you head to campus for your first days at uni, you should feel excited, motivated and nervous. That’s all good, and totally normal. Just don’t let stinginess pass you by. Don’t forget how much you’re paying to be here. Your uni will have a lot of useful services available to help you adjust to this new environment – essay writing courses, library tours, campus orientations. Sign up for everything. Remember that every ‘free’ service offered by your uni is actually a service that you’ve paid for as part of your course costs.

It’s important to have fun at uni, especially in your first days. Just don’t forget the investment that you (or someone who has a lot of faith in you) has made for you to be here. Uni is rewarding, challenging and a lot of fun. It’s also expensive; make sure that you get what you’ve paid for.


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