Not long now…

The start of the uni year is almost upon us! It’s a great time of year – vibrant, exciting, full of new challenge and possibility. You have all the fun of looking forward to orientation and starting your study, without any of the stress of actual assignments and time pressure.

Enjoy it. Your primary goal for this week should be to get into the vibe of things. Sort yourself out with a laptop. Get the stationery bits that you need. Set up your study space. Clear the bookshelves for the imminent onslaught of academic literature. Buy yourself a nice bag to carry your books about in.

Take part in orientation. The whole point of orientation is to help you adjust to the student lifestyle. So while that means a bit of admin and a lot of info, it also means a heap of fun. Check out the gigs and stalls and clubs. Explore. Head to campus and get lost. Sample some of the cafes and bars. Spot the other first-years, and remind yourself that you’re all in it together.

No matter what you’ve been up to over summer, now’s the time to start thinking like a student. Your new job is about to start.


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