BA: An Insider’s Guide

Pre-orders have begun!

I’m stoked to announce that BA: An Insider’s Guide can now be pre-ordered through most major online booksellers. While the book isn’t due to be released until early February (just in time for the start of the uni year), its availability through pre-orders marks a pretty major stage in the publication journey. I’m thrilled that the project has made it this far, and am looking forward to seeing the first copies on the shelves soon.


6 thoughts on “BA: An Insider’s Guide

  1. I really like the cover. This sounds such a useful book for students too. Wish it existed when I was stressing my way through first year.

  2. Hi Ms Jury

    I recieved your book in the mail. But I did not order it, pay for it, or win it. Not sure why I recieved it.
    Looks great though : )

    • Hi Rachel,

      I’m glad that you’re enjoying my book, even if its arrival was a bit unexpected. I can’t offer any explanation for that – maybe someone else ordered it, and it went to the wrong house? Guess we’ll wait and see if anyone manages to track it down…!

      Happy reading,


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